RFQ For Product

Q:SPCFlooring(click locking),LVTflooring (glue down/dry back),LVTflooring(Self-adhesive),Whatare the differences between the three floor installation methods?

A:The installationmethod of SPC Flooring (click locking) is: Click lock to on floor.The installationmethod of LVT flooring (glue down/dry back) is: Down with glue to on floor.The installationmethod of LVT flooring(Self-adhesive) is: Down with Self-adhesive to on floor.

Q:What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

A:Luxury Vinyl Flooring is called Luxury VinylTile (referred to as LVT Flooring) or Luxury Vinyl Plank (referred to as LVPFlooring). Luxury Vinyl Flooring is a modern improvement of Vinyl Flooring,offering superior durability and design, which can impeccably imitate theappearance of wood, stone, marble and ceramic floors.Luxury Vinyl Flooring, LVTFlooring, LVP Flooring because their concepts are very similar. Everyone refersto them generically as floors made of compressed vinyl layers.

Q:What is PVC Flooring and How is it Related toVinyl Flooring?

A:PVC Flooring or polyvinyl flooring is noneother than alternative terms for Vinyl Flooring! PVC stands for polyvinylchloride, which is the material that makes up vinyl flooring. Thus, it is oftenshortened to Polyvinyl Flooring or simply, vinyl flooring, the most common termfor this particular floor covering.

Q:What Is SPC Flooring?

A: SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) flooring is anupgraded version of LVT. It is sometimes also known as RVP or Rigid VinylPlank. SPC Flooring is an upgraded version of LVT.SPC Flooring consists ofseveral layers: UV coating, wear layer, SPC print layer, SPC core, and abalanced layer. The backing can vary thanks to a variety of options includingEVA, corkwood, and IXPE foam.

Q: What is SPC Flooring made of?

A:Consisting mostly of limestone, fillers, andadhering agents, SPC vinyl floors offer a more sturdy feel underfoot. Anunderlayment can be added to help your SPC Vinyl Flooring feel softer when youwalk on it.Comprised primarily of stone, SPC vinyl features superior resistanceto dents compared to LVT and LVP vinyl. This makes SPC vinyl a top contenderfor commercial applications or areas of high foot traffic.

Q:What are the Differences Between SPC Flooringand LVT Flooring or LVP Flooring?

A:LVT or LVP and SPC are good choices for vinylflooring. The main difference between the two options: LVT or LVP has a PVCcore (also called vinyl core), and SPC has a stone-plastic composite core.

Because of this difference, LVT or LVP isflexible and soft, while SPC is rigid and thick. However, they all have avariety of designs and colors to choose from, and have a realistic, classicwood look.

RFQ For Business

Q:Can you provide free samples?

A:Yes, we can provide free samples.If you need samples, pleasecontact us by whatsapp or email.

Q:Are you a factory?

A:Yes, we are a factory with more 16 years manufacturingexperience at Flooring area.

Q:Can you customize the floor I need?

A: Yes, we can customize the Vinyl Flooring according toyou requires.

Q: How can I pay for the order?

A:We accept 30% TT in advantage,and 100% payment before shipping.

Q:How long is the delivery time for customized products?

A:The time depends on shipping method you choose, example bysea,by air and by train.

Q:Can you offer packing designs as per customers' requests?

A:Of course. We can printed the package boxes as you required.

Q:What options do you offer for wear layer?

A:0.12mm,0.30mm,0.50mm or custimized.

Q:What are your factory area, number of workers and productioncapacity?

A:Wehave two production bases. Our factory covers an area of about 70,000 squaremeters. There are about 400 workers. Capacity is 300-400 containers a month.