What are LVT, SPC, WPC?

2023-09-25 17:50

PVC floor, commonly known as plastic floor, this is a large category of name, generally made of PVC as raw materials for the floor, can be called PVC floor, LVT, SPC, WPC these new flooring, in fact, also belongs to the PVC floor category, they just add different other materials, So there are separate subcategories.

LVT floor, but the soft flexible floor, professional expressed as "semi-rigid piece of plastic flooring", they can even bending rolls, LVT floor market retail price from a few yuan to two hundred yuan between, before it is mainly used for tooling project is more, because it requires to floor is higher, need professional person to laying, so from cost to consider, Usually only suitable for laying large areas. Of course, for rentals or offices where flatness is not a high requirement, these floors are both good-looking and affordable. The recognized advantages of LVT floor are: cheap price, environmental protection, wear-resisting, good elasticity and impact resistance, waterproof and flame retardant, waterproof and moisture-proof, convenient maintenance and care. This kind of floor board is often laid in school, kindergarten, amusement room, also have use in the room of domestic children.

WPC floor belongs to semi-rigid sheet plastic floor, commonly known as wood plastic floor, because the early WPC floor added wood powder, so called wood plastic floor. Say simply, it is composed by LVT layer and WPC layer, crural feeling comfortable sex and sound-absorbing effect are very outstanding, if be, added cork layer or EVA layer, someone says its crural feeling and real wood floor do not have what difference almost. From the comfort point of view, WPC is the closest to the traditional solid wood floor of a PVC floor, industry people call it the "gold floor", its market retail price, WPC's defect is not recycled and reused, the price is higher than LVT floor, and SPC floor.